Art Fair "Art Square Amsterdam"

Art Fair "Art Square Amsterdam", Museumplein Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Exhibition: 24 until 26 October 2014.


Solo Exhibition at Design furniture store Riant-Stoutenbeek

Riant-Stoutenbeek, Breda, The Netherlands, 2014.

Exhibition: 6 September until 18 October 2014.


The photography of objects wrapped in flower petals

Photography and objects, 2014.


Handmade flowerpot dolls

Handmade dolls created with plastic flowerpots.


Exhibition at Zalencentrum de Buitenpoort, The Netherlands

Kunst in de etalage, Huissen 2014.

Exhibition: June 2014 until mid July.


Exhibition in Huissen, The Netherlands

3rd kunstroute Huissen 2014.

Exhibition with Martha van Geelen.